The Wide Divide between the Most Effective Charity and the Average Charity

Many people feel a moral obligation to help others and make a positive difference in the world. Their giving is motivated by a myriad of factors including altruism, family and personal values; religion; personal affiliation as well as prestige. Giving is often perceived as a rewarding and fulfilling experience to make a positive impact in […]

In My School Inclusivity Campaign Showcase

For the past three months, Soristic has been running our inaugural In My School Youth Inclusivity Challenge where youth leaders from 12 schools tackle inclusivity issues by coming up with inclusive campaigns to influence their peers to lay the foundation for a more empathetic and caring school environment! Soristic has supported the youth leaders in […]

Inaugural In My School Youth Inclusivity Challenge

Our inaugural In My School Youth Inclusivity Challenge has begun! With the participation of 12 schools and over 70 students, In My School is a 10 week long programme that equips students with skills and inspires them to kickstart inclusivity campaigns in their own schools to raise awareness and advocate for their peers facing challenging […]

Singapore Biggest Philanthropic Foundations in 2021

We are excited that our report “Singapore’s Biggest Philanthropic Foundations” is featured in the Straits Times article – “Meet Singapore’s newer philanthropic foundations: They give millions, seeking to spark social change” and “Lee Foundation the largest giver among 10 largest philanthropic foundations here” in the September and October. We endeavour to bring about clarity and transparency […]

Introductory Research Toolkit for Youths

We are pleased to announce that we have released our Introductory Research Toolkit for Youths!  This toolkit was written and designed by Jeanne Tan, Sim Wan Zhen and Stacey Lim as part of their internship with Soristic. It is a 10 step guide that aims to support youths with little research experience to develop their own research […]

Singapore’s Biggest Philanthropic Foundations

Written August 2021   Philanthropists in Singapore have been supporting causes through private donations for decades. These donations have been made through multiple channels including personal accounts, family offices, trusts and/or foundations. In particular, the wealthiest individuals and corporates establish foundations – legal entities through which they can channel giving to their preferred causes. To […]

Embracing Abilities: Female Social Entrepreneurs

On 27 July 2021, Soristic organised its annual Social Connex event. This year, the topic of focus is “Embracing Abilities: Female Social Entrepreneurs” where female social entrepreneurs are gathered to share the common challenges they have faced and motivation behind their work. The sharing of the webinar includes the general landscape of female social entrepreneurs and […]

Ask an Intern – Denise

As a final year undergraduate, I was looking for internship opportunities in the social sector when I chanced upon Soristic’s Research and Community Events internship opportunity. Soristic stood out because I could do both research work and outreach programmes, something that’s hard to find in other organisations.  As an intern who has been on the team […]

Ask an Associate Consultant: Juliana

I joined Soristic as an Associate Consultant in May after having spent 13 years in the Banking industry advising clients on their corporate banking requirements. In my banking career, I had a chance to work in Indonesia and Malaysia. It allowed me to experience different cultures and traditions but also exposed me to the socio-economic […]

Soristic 2020 Year In Review

2020 was another year of growth for Soristic. Reflecting on the year, we would like to share some of our accomplishments and especially thank all our clients, partners, speakers, participants, and volunteers. Some of the highlights include: Programme evaluation (Life Community Services Society, Prudential, Touch Community Services and SHINE Children and Youth Services)  Research in […]