Ask an Intern – Denise


As a final year undergraduate, I was looking for internship opportunities in the social sector when I chanced upon Soristic’s Research and Community Events internship opportunity. Soristic stood out because I could do both research work and outreach programmes, something that’s hard to find in other organisations. 

As an intern who has been on the team for six months, I helped out with several Soristic’s workshops (Insights on How Donors are Evaluating Organisation and Project Grant Proposal, Impact Evaluation Workshops etc.). With my fellow team members, we also worked on scoping out potential themes for an international philanthropy conference. I also had the chance to be part of the team of associate consultants to put together a written report for our clients. 

I immensely enjoyed my time at Soristic and appreciate all the advice given by the team to help me further hone my skills. It has been an eye-opening experience, thank you to the team at Soristic that made my internship experience rewarding!