What is a Social Enterprise

What is SE

Many people may ask – what is a social enterprise? What does a social enterprise like Soristic do?

By Definition – extracted from Landscape of Social Enterprises in Singapore (co-authored by our founder) A social enterprise is simply a business which seeks to create social impact through the trading of goods and services. It uses the business platform to achieve social and/or environmental objectives while simultaneously seeking a financial return.


What does a social enterprise like Soristic do?

Soristic offer expertise on CSR/philanthropy advisory, research on social issues, social impact analysis and social impact evaluation. Like any for profit organization, it is important for social organizations to measure and evaluate the success for their programs and the dollar spent. Such evaluation helps them to improve their programs further for the good of their beneficiaries. In addition, donors typically would like to know where their money are used in and how much impact has been made. Thus, it would be beneficial for the social organizations to showcase their social impact to the donors or organizations who are supporting the social cause.