Soristic 2020 Year In Review

Year in review

2020 was another year of growth for Soristic. Reflecting on the year, we would like to share some of our accomplishments and especially thank all our clients, partners, speakers, participants, and volunteers.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Programme evaluation (Life Community Services Society, Prudential, Touch Community Services and SHINE Children and Youth Services) 
  • Research in a diverse range of topics (Social Enterprise, Homelessness, Early Childhood and Philanthropy) for clients such as Temasek Foundation and British Council
  • 4 Capacity Building Workshops
  • 3 advocacy talks in our Social Connex series


This year, to support United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 10 (Reducing Inequalities), we have developed online diversity and inclusion character simulations that will enable players to empathise with others’ life experiences and explore why and how inequality and social needs exist. The simulations and a facilitated workshop afterwards strive to get participants to think and discuss how they could play a part in making society more inclusive.


The first phase targets youth and aligns with the core value – care and concern for others, as taught in the MOE’s 21st century competencies framework for students in Singapore. Subsequent phases will target corporate and general public. The Youth and Senior online simulation games, are free resources for maximum outreach and we look forward to facilitating workshops for deeper learning.