In My School Inclusivity Campaign Showcase

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For the past three months, Soristic has been running our inaugural In My School Youth Inclusivity Challenge where youth leaders from 12 schools tackle inclusivity issues by coming up with inclusive campaigns to influence their peers to lay the foundation for a more empathetic and caring school environment! Soristic has supported the youth leaders in their journey by providing mentorship and by conducting workshops such as:

1. Empathy
2. Design Thinking
3. Campaign Ideas & Design
4. Outcome Evaluation

On 5th August, the schools then joined us for a Campaign Showcase to present the inclusivity campaigns that they ran or will be running in their schools. Along with these presentations, the showcase also featured a panel discussion with panellists Juliana Rasid (Moderator), Russ Neu (CEO of Social Collider) and Tan Jia Hui (Teacher).

Through the campaigns, the youth leaders demonstrated that they care deeply for their peers who are struggling invisibly. We applaud their efforts for taking up the challenge to make the school a better one for their peers. In them, we see the future of a more caring society. Thank you to all the youth leaders, teachers and for making the challenge as well as the showcase a success, and we hope that this exchange of ideas would inspire more to create a more empathetic and caring environment for all!

Hear it from our participants!
“I have two key learning points. The first one I would say is broadening our horizons and our perspectives towards looking at things in our lives…Second thing I have learnt is this value of coming together to do bigger things together.”

“We have also along the way learnt to show empathy and put ourselves in other peoples’ shoes…Overall it was really rewarding to see that we actually made an impact to our peers positively.”

“I learned about how to resonate with people and see the world and things in their shoes. The event allowed me to understand my peers better due to the experience that they faced before, which allows me to sympathise with them.”

“We were able to get in action to implement a change through campaign efforts which created a difference to someone’s day, or week”

“We understood the importance of self love, and learnt to appreciate and love ourselves more.”

“I learnt how everyone is different and we should accept everyone as their own person. Not to downgrade them or treat them indifferently.”