28 March 2020 – Solving Sanitation : There is No Magic


Location: The Red Box

Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

More than 100 million people in Southeast Asia do not have access to basic sanitation facility. This has far-reaching impact on these individuals beyond health impact. There are wider economic impact as well as an effect on dignity. Yoke Pean, co-founder of WISE – Wash in South East Asia, will share on her pilot program to bring sanitation facility to Phnom Village, Cambodia. She will share her challenges in getting community involved, coming up with a financial plan for the villagers, and deciding on the subsidy amount. A successful intervention is not just about providing toilets. There are many implications that have to be considered including power structures within the communities.


Join us for this insightful talk by this inspiring young co-founder of WISE. Yoke Pean has been passionate about sanitation issues since doing her Masters thesis at Imperial College London to develop a decision-making tool for faecal sludge management in developing countries. She subsequently completed a PhD at the Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia) researching innovation in the emergency sanitation sector, as part of a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Through the years, she has been involved with development and humanitarian organisations such as Engineering Good, Engineers Without Borders UK, Lien AID, Lien Foundation – NTU Environmental Endeavour, Shelter Centre, and Singapore Red Cross. Yoke Pean has published 5 international journal papers and 17 conference papers on topics related to sanitation, faecal sludge management, emergencies and innovation.

Find out more about WISE at https://www.facebook.com/washinseasia/