25 November 2021 – Who we are, Where we come from


Location: Online

Time: 6:30 pm8:30 pm

Unconscious Bias is the shorthand for easy living.

Why place people in boxes so we can make sense of them without putting in too much thought? Things like what school people come from, what type of homes they live in, how they look, and the outward material possessions may lead us to avoid taking the extra step to get to know someone for who they are due to the prejudgments we attach to them. This can significantly inhibit these people who usually belong to more vulnerable communities from being able to fully participate in society.

In this panel discussion, we engage individuals with experience in working with vulnerable communities to gain a better understanding on the nature of this issue. These include Jonathan Kuek, founder of The Total Wellness Initiative and doctoral candidate at the University of Sydney. Max Soh: the Advocacy Executive for the Disabled People’s Association (DPA), and Hana Yabuki: an active volunteer for Transient Workers Count 2 (TWC2).

Our Panelist:

Jonathan Kuek, The Total Wellness Initiative

Jonathan Kuek is a doctoral candidate and mental health researcher at the University of Sydney, specializing in recovery approaches to the management and understanding of mental health conditions. He is a published author and serves as a journal reviewer for various peer-reviewed journals. Jonathan is an active independent mental health advocate, volunteer group leader, and strong believer in youth volunteerism and empowerment. In his free time, he mentors undergraduate psychology students, volunteers actively serving the mental health population, and provides various forms of advisory, administrative, and logistical support for multiple other social service organizations in Singapore. Jonathan recently launched the Total Wellness Initiative, to promote and encourage people to take the first step towards being more intentional in caring about their well-being. He hopes to decommodify wellness and rewrite the narrative on how it is being discussed.

Max Soh, Disabled People’s Association

Max Soh is the Advocacy Executive for the Disabled People’s Association of Singapore (DPA). As Advocacy Executive, Soh manages research and advocacy projects for the organisation. DPA is Singapore’s only cross-disability non-profit organisation. DPA represents the disability community, working to build a fairer society where everyone can participate in all aspects of life.

Hana Yabuki, Transient Workers Count 2 

Hana Yabuki is a volunteer with Transient Workers Count 2 (TWC2). She actively participates in The Cuff Road Project, where they provide meals to workers and speak to them about on-the-ground issues. Outside of her work with TWC2, she is a research assistant in the field of sleep.