17 September 2021 – De-mystifying Theory of Change & Logic Models


Location: Online

Time: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Theory of Change & Logic Models
  • Equip participants with working knowledge and competency to develop their own ToC & LM.
  • Identify & analyse critical success factors & gaps using ToC & LM framework for the organisation’s intervention programme.

Course outline:

This online workshop seeks to give participants a working knowledge of concepts and terminology associated with the Theory of Change approach and logic models. By the end of the course, participants should be able to actively contribute to the Theory of Change and Logic Model for their organisation’s intervention programme.

The intention of this course is to equip participants with an appreciation of how to use ToC/LM for sense-making. Using a fictitious example of a social intervention, participants develop an appreciation for how the ToC/LM approach can help them better understand the linkages and interdependencies among various factors and other actors in the space of interest. They gain insights on how to “do a ToC”, and use the journey to improve their programme’s impact through identification of critical success factors and gaps or blind spots in their programme, to use such analysis to zero in on the essence and critical factors necessary to bring about the desired change, and define meaningful and measurable outcome indicators.

The focus of this course is practical. While grounded in the technical concepts of ToC/LM, the course emphasises how to use the ToC framework to design and deliver an intervention, evaluate and measure its effectiveness and impact.

This course will therefore focus on equipping learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply the best practices and methods to identify and organise client outcomes, create measurable outcome indicators and to interpret service standards through an in-depth understanding of client outcomes and Theory of Change (TOC). The course will enable participants to evaluate their programmes more holistically and extract learnings to help improve services for their clients.

Profile of Instructor:

Dr June Lee is the principal consultant at Heiritage Governance Advisory Pte. Ltd. She was also an Honorary Research Fellow at Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy (ACSEP), NUS Business School and authored the paper on Exploring Family Philanthropy in Singapore.

June collaborates with Soristic Impact Collective on research and assessment projects. More recently, she has been involved in helping a number of charities develop and articulate their logic models and underpinning Theory of Change.

June holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree from University of Western Australia.


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