14 October 2022 – Case Studies Of Successful Sustainable Process

Sustainability case studies session (2)

How do we reduce carbon emission and save cost at the same time? Join us as we learn from exemplary SMEs on how to pinpoint areas to focus on.

Sustainability may not necessarily be costly for businesses. There are numerous initiatives businesses can undertake to do their part for the environment, while reaping financial rewards. This workshop will introduce and breakdown the who, what, when, where, whys and how’s’ of some of these initiatives, along with case studies of successful sustainable processes which benefit both the environment and the profit bottom-line.

Speaker: Maggie Lee

Maggie led environmental sustainability initiatives across the Asia Pacific at WWF, the United Nations Environment Programme, and Verra. Previously a scientist at multiple Fortune 500 companies, Maggie brings in experience in corporate sustainability, policy influencing, impact monitoring, and project management from the private-sector, civil society, and intergovernmental bodies. A published scholar, Maggie also conducts environmental research and frequently speaks in public-facing panel discussions.

This workshop is free.

You can register for our event here: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/case-studies-of-successful-sustainability-process-tickets-407885445347