Ask an Intern: Yongliang


I chanced upon Soristic’s volunteer recruitment poster in one of my school newsletters. I was involved initially in revamping the website and later on took up an internship project where I worked with other interns to develop two interactive games about empathy. In the two games, players must make difficult decisions when presented with everyday scenarios.

My role as an intern was to develop and deploy the empathy games based on written concepts and graphical illustrations. The initial versions of the empathy games went through many rounds of internal as well as pre-release user testing. According to the insights generated from various players, I made constant updates to ensure that the games evolved to be educational and fun to play.

I enjoyed the opportunity to work as an intern for Soristic and was able to practice what I learned as a computer science undergraduate. Also, the constructive feedback from various stakeholders involved in my internship project taught me a lot about the user’s perspective of software development products.

Thank you to everyone at Soristic that made the internship experience worthwhile and rewarding!