Ask an Associate Consultant: Saanjh


As a fresh graduate, I’d seen my peers take up roles in academia, large corporations, and non-profits, and was interested in all three. In 2020, with widespread funding cuts and hiring freezes, it seemed as though I had access to none.

That is, until I found the Associate Consultant traineeship at Soristic through a listing on LinkedIn. The organisation stood out to me because it combined the analytical rigour of a consultancy with the mission-driven work of a social enterprise, and this was just as true for the interview process as it has been for every day at work. 

As for work, my four and a half months on the team have involved: 

  • Impact assessments for a CSR programme.
  • Scoping out potential themes for an international philanthropy conference.
  • Developing a course about embracing digitalisation in the non-profits sector.
  • Researching methods of measuring social return on investment and inclusive hiring practices in Singapore.
  • Creating an online game and facilitating workshops geared towards building empathy as a young person.


I should add that this all happened with a team based in Singapore while I was based in London. I am very grateful for their willingness to provide support and knowledge across the eight-hour time difference: there have been many quick Zoom meetings that bloomed into discussions about various issues across the social sector (some of which you may even see in our upcoming Social Connex public lecture series). 

My time with Soristic has shown me that it is possible to combine the intellectual curiosity of a university with the nimbleness of a consultancy and the passion for social change of a non-profit organisation. It’s an empowering lesson that I look forward to taking with me as I start my career – that, and when the pandemic years eventually wind down, to finally meeting my team.