Our Team

Principal Consultant

Pauline Tan

Pauline is a social sector researcher. She has co-authored several publications including Innovation in Asian Philanthropy (2013), Philanthropy on the Road to Nationhood in Singapore (2015), Effective Social Incubation (2016), Landscape of Social Enterprise in Singapore (2017), Philanthropic Foundations in Asia (2018) and Impact Investing by Foundations in Singapore and Hong Kong (2018).

She has conducted impact evaluation for a number of organisations in Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia. She also developed Social Outcomes Framework for organisations to enable them to measure impact for their grantees. Her research interests are in impact evaluation, poverty alleviation, impact investing and philanthropy.

Senior Consultant

Thye Yoke Pean

Yoke Pean received first class honours and masters from Imperial College. Subsequently she was on a Gates Foundation funded scholarship for her PhD in Indonesia that researched on innovation in the humanitarian sector. With her systems thinking approach and strong research background, she has been working with people on social protection around behaviour change specifically but not only in the field of water and sanitation. She has worked on research projects commissioned by international funders and conducted several evaluations in Southeast Asia. She is skilled in both qualitative and quantitative research.

Associate Consultant

Jeanne Tan

Jeanne is a fourth year undergraduate in National University Singapore with a major in Sociology. She is interested in social sector and international development research. She has worked on several research and consultancy projects commissioned by international organisations as well as advocacy projects in Singapore.